Afrika stam

The Babemba tribe’ (2021)

The Babemba tribe in southern Africa deal in a special way with people in their community – adults and children – who misbehave. If you do something that is unacceptable, then gather all the villagers who are in the main square and surround you. Start talking to you one by one. What you will hear is a great flow of positivity. They remind you of all the good things you’ve done. Emphasize your beautiful qualities. They list all the good things you ever did before other deeds, all your good deeds. And sometimes for days. When everyone has finished speaking, you will be welcomed into the community with everyone’s ceremony. They don’t do this to stick your feathers up your ass. And not even just from the idea that it works to work well. Underlying this is the belief that every person, every child is born good. But people make mistakes now. That’s not bad behavior, it’s a cry for help. You don’t have to punish anyone to make them better, you just have to remind them how good they already are.